Electronic Inventory/Traceability

  • Global Subject Matter Expert - ~10 Years Leadership to Industry

  • System Strategy Development

  • Leadership Alignment

  • Project Plan Development, including Timing and Budget Planning

  • Data Specifications Development

  • System Capabilities and Internal Readiness Assessment

  • Supplier and Distributor Engagement

  • Full System Onboarding

  • Solutions Provider Assessment

  • Short Term or Longer Term

Capitol Investment Procurement

  • 20+ Years Experience Supporting Multiple Major Brands

  • "Big Brand" Leadership Adapted to Your System and Scale

  • Strategy and/or Process Development

  • Guidance for Either Partner on a Project -  Operator or Supplier

  • Short Term, Project or Program Specific Guidance

  • Front of the House, Major Equipment, or Services

Interim Leadership

  • Short Term Team Support

    • Interim, Till Position is Filled

    • Transitional, While Team Adjusts to Change

    • Inaugural, as Team Assumes New Roles

  • System and/or Team Assessment

  • "Outside In" View

  • "Big Brand" Leadership Available for Any Size System